Did you know that in the past village of Veli #Lošinj (Large Lošinj) was bigger than Mali Lošinj (Llittle Lošinj)? ow.ly/i/6dHMI


When in #Dubrovnik, don’t miss a stroll along the wall surrounding the Old City and dating to the 13th century. ow.ly/i/6dSQo

Island of #Mljet, home of an ancient legend: Siren Calypso has kept Odysseus here as a captive for seven years. ow.ly/i/6aSiY

#Opatija, one of Croatia’s first modern-style seaside resorts, has started to attract royalty more than a century ago……

Southernmost part of the peninsula #Istria is Cape Kamenjak, one of the most attractive spots in the Mediterranean! ow.ly/i/69cEy